Pathogenesis and Infectious Disease Seminar Series: Yi-Pin Lin, Serum resistance factors CspA and CspZ influence the survival of Borrelia burgdorferi in the enzootic cycle of Lyme disease

September 7 , 2:00 PM
DAI, Auditorium

Wadsworth Center Minisymposium hosted by Erasmus Schneider Speakers: Denise Kay, Patrick Van Roey

September 14 , 4:000 PM
DAI, Auditorium

Dr. Joy Zhang, University of Kentucky: Chromium(VI) Carcinogenesis and its Prevention: Target EGFR

Wadsworth Seminar

September 22 , 4:00 PM
Biggs, David Axelrod Theater (For seminars at Biggs Laboratory/Empire State Plaza (ESP), non-Depart

Dr. Yutong Song, SUNY Stonybrook: Still water runs deep: how do genetic codes affect a microorganism’s phenotype?

Wadsworth Seminar

September 29 , 4:00 PM
DAI Auditorium


Wadsworth Center Minisymposium hosted by Erasmus Schneider Speakers:Gerwin Schalk, Monica Parker

October 19 , 4:00 PM
DAI, Auditorium


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